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Case Studies and Testimonials

Over the years Magic Information Systems (MIS Inc.) has worked with many clients to solve their most challenging problems. Our innovative solutions are based on the needs of our customers. Our customers want solutions that are easy to use, that simplify the way they work and can evolve with their business needs.

Tailored to fit the organization s specific needs, MIS focuses on providing solutions so that our customers reach new levels of operational and financial success. Our solutions allow companies to increase operational efficiency by streamlining workflows and productivity. Our customers usually experience immediate cost reductions and increase in profits that contribute to an overall increase in the company s ROI.

Here is a small sample of case studies and testimonials from them.

Flo Draulic Group - Established in 1980, Flo Draulic is the leader in high performance hydraulic and pneumatic components and instrumentation controls.

The Flo Draulic Group began using the MIS Inc. software products in 1994. eWholesale takes care of Flo Draulics accounting and financial management, while their light manufacturing needs are taken care of by the eManufacturing module. eWholesale advanced and flexible Kitting function helps expedite processing and delivery to the satisfaction of customers and staff alike... Read more

Albany Pump Company Ltd. - Manufacturer & Distributor of Pumps parts, and accessories with a worldwide client base

Albany Pump began looking for a new Accounting system that would automate not only the company s financials, sales orders, payroll, purchasing, general-ledger, inventory, receivables and payables operations, but light manufacturing operations as well. They needed a system that would handle multi-currencies, kitting, multiple units of measure and their conversions, and various customer-pricing options for sales... Read more

Better Living Products International Inc. Manufacturer and Distributor of Shower Organization Products, such as The DispenserTM
Better Living Products International Inc. is a private corporation founded in 1994, based in Vaughan, Ontario, Canada, just north of Toronto. The company manufactures and distributes the world's finest assortment of Shower Organization products, such as, their signature line, The DispenserTM. With distribution to more than seventy countries and through leading retailers everywhere, Better Living Products are available virtually any place on earth where shower dispensers have a market... Read more

Adheco Ltd. - Worldwide supplier of abrasives, adhesives, single and double coated tapes, equipment, Teflon products and pressure sensitive tapes
Adheco purchased Accountware from MIS Inc. in 1998 to help them manage their growing inventory, keep track of landed costs and control daily accounting tasks such as sales, purchasing, receivables, payables, financials, and multi-level customer pricing as well. Accountware and its successor eWholesale has adapted to the growing needs of the company... Read more

Artcraft Ltd. - Nationwide supplier of hair, beauty, and cosmetic products

Artcraft Ltd. uses all of eWholesale s accounting and inventory management functions, but has recently implemented some of the most advanced features of eWholesale to maximize their sales and maintain a high level of customer and sales rep satisfaction. Their use of eRemote empowers... Read more