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Magic Information Systems Inc. (MIS Inc.)

MIS Inc. is a Toronto based software developer. Since 1989 we have offered a complete suite of easy-to-use, productive, reliable yet surprisingly affordable business solutions specifically designed to meet the needs of various small and midsize businesses in particular Wholesalers, Exporters and Importers with Distribution and Light Manufacturing activities.

As a full service provider we offer a complete range of on-site/off-site needs analysis, installation, setup, training and support services to ensure your success. As a software developer, we have the full capability to tailor a solution to meet your specific requirements by building on a tried and tested platform. Our focus is on creating solid and robust business environments. We aim to improve efficiency, with features geared to cost reduction, improved customer service and tools for managing the big picture. Our experience of more than fifteen years in the marketplace has helped several of our customers in your industry to put an end to the guessing game. We can help you with the following:

  • Streamline and drive-down the cost of managing your operations
  • Improve the productivity of your inventory investment
  • Get up-to-date real-time access to your true import/export cost structure
  • Provide a fully featured business solution that standard off-the-shelf software products cannot provide
  • Customize to meet your specialized requirements that call for a unique solution
  • Provide a personalized on-going relationship for your continuous process improvement program
If your wish list for finding better solutions to manage your business includes any of the points listed above, let us, at no fee, help you develop an understanding of your needs and propose a solution that will ease any pains you may have.

To learn more, contact us today. It's a no-risk proposition.