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Custom Development

Many businesses have some specific requirements because of either the unique nature of their businesses or the procedures they follow which work for them. Off the shelf packaged software mostly cannot meet these requirements. This means you often have to end up compromising, by changing your processes to suit the software.

MIS Inc. provides customization on 3 levels:

  1. Flexible settings that modify the behavior of the system
  2. Many User Defined Fields that allow customization without changing the source code
  3. Source code modification in cases where more extensive changes are required than the first 2 methods would allow.
Just give us a call to discuss your specific requirements and we will show you how they can be met.

Over the years we have worked on many diverse projects some examples of which are:

Bar Code Sales Force Automation System

  • Outside sales force utilizes Symbol hand-held scanners to enter orders at the customer's site
  • Part Numbers are scanned from product bar codes
  • Orders from the Symbol hand-held scanners are transmitted daily back to the corporate database via a built-in modem
  • Orders are processed in an automated fashion without any need to re-key data
A Car Rental Management System including:
  • Fleet Management
  • Administration of Car Rental Agreements
  • Accounting Functions
Olympia Tile is a multinational enterprise and is the largest supplier of ceramic floor tiles in Canada. We have multiple warehouses across Canada and most of our product is imported from around the world. We have been working with MIS Inc. since the late 1980s. Their product known then as 'Accountware' attracted our attention as it was specifically geared to the wholesale distribution environment. In addition we were looking for a responsive and flexible technology partner that would provide customization on an "as required" basis. Also important to us was the ability to purchase the software source code and eventually transfer all support, customization and ongoing maintenance to our in-house IT staff.
All through the years MIS Inc. maintained a client-centric approach and we were very satisfied with both their software and services.
Jacob Schechter, IT Director
Olympia Tile International Inc.