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eHandHeld (Handheld Software)

Are you still performing Physical Inventory or Cycle Counts using paper and pen? With eHandHeld (Handheld Software) you can easily use a Handheld Device to scan Barcodes and collect data faster and more accurately. eHandheld is a Barcode reading Handheld Software that gives Wholesalers and Distributors the tools they need to manage and operate successful warehouse operations.

eHandHeld is used with a Handheld Device like Symbol Batch Terminals. This Handheld Device application was designed as an inventory tracking solution to streamline warehouse operations. eHandHeld is a great tool for Inventory Physical Count, Cycle Count, Sales and / or Purchase Order Verification, Serial Number tracking, and other processing. You could also use eHandHeld at tradeshows and showrooms.

Customers and product information is easily downloaded to the Hand Held System. When you are ready to perform a Physical Inventory or Cycle Count, Order and / or Receipt of Goods Verification scan the Barcode, or enter the product number in the Handheld Device. eHandHeld automatically displays the description and other relevant information in the Handheld Device screen. You can then edit any information to match what is really in inventory, such as quantity, Serial Numbers, or Lot Numbers, and save the record. When you have completed the process simply download the data file to an Excel spreadsheet, ASCII file in a CSV format, or directly into eWholesale .

Alternatively, you can use the spreadsheet or ASCII file to edit, print, or import your data into another software program such as QuickBooks. If integrated with eWholesale the process is fully automated and can be used to produce Count Sheets, Discrepancy Reports, Verify Orders, Receipts, and other operations.

Some of the eHandHeld s applications are:

  • Automate Inventory Physical Count
  • Auto-validate and verify Order fulfillment
  • Auto-validate and verify Inventory Receipts
  • Automate processing of Serialized Equipment
  • Taking orders at tradeshows, showrooms, and while visiting customers
  • Custom Applications to Generate, Read and Print Bar Codes

"The elimination of manual processes resulted in increased accuracy and saved me about 50% of time during our Inventory Physical Count, and besides our staff had fun doing it" - Patrick Gravel, Purchasing Manager, Airmax Industries Inc.

Using the Hand Held System and Handheld Device, your warehouse staff can perform Physical or Cycle inventory Counts, fill or receive orders quicker and more accurate, thus maximizing efficiency and reducing costs.