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eManufacturing provides both wholesalers and distributors with light manufacturing easy-to-use, high quality and fully integrated Manufacturing Software that enables you to:

  • Maximize efficiency and reduce costs by providing accurate, detailed tracking and reporting throughout the entire manufacturing process.
  • Achieve continuous business process improvements by integrating customer service, supplier management, automated purchasing, accounting and ecommerce.

eManufacturing's easy-to-use yet powerful Manufacturing Software modules, Bill of Materials and Job Costing, instantly create efficiencies throughout your enterprise: streamlining business processes, empowering employees, increasing productivity and boosting profits. Manufacturing consists of the Bill of Materials and Job Costing modules.

eManufacturing , the Manufacturing Software for eWholesale offers a range of features that will help maximize efficiency through all stages and provide you with a complete Inventory Management Software solution.

eManufacturing Features are:

  • Bill of Material Listing
  • Ability to search Bill of Material records and note where a specific product is used throughout the manufacturing assemblies
  • Bill of Material Listing
  • Ability to display multilevel bills of material
  • Ability to tag work orders to view them under a variety of circumstances
  • Ability to assign lot numbers to the production of lot controlled products
  • Ability to use manufacturing Batches
  • Ability to create new Bill of Materials from old similar ones via the REPLICA command
  • Ability to record "Break Bulk" processing
  • Sets up work orders for assemblies
  • Product Committed Update
  • Interfacing with the Product Maintenance file to check stock availability
  • Costing analysis for each assembly
  • Optional password security
  • Pop-up Windows for easy and fast data entry
  • Error checking on all user inputs
  • Supports Lot Numbers
  • Multiple Branches/Departments
  • Automatic Kitting Support
  • Drill Down Search options for easy and fast data entry
  • Product Retrieval by Vendor Name or Number
  • Enhanced record searches for easy and fast data entry

This Manufacturing Software s Bill of Materials module involves the production of repetitive standard products that are made from definable units. eManufacturing is a comprehensive Manufacturing Software and Accounting Software application that tracks the required inventory quantities from raw materials into Work In Process and then into Finished Goods records.

The Bill of Materials module is a Manufacturing Software solution that is also designed to accommodate after-the-fact production documentation. The Disassembly Entry and Production Entry functions can account for disassembly of finished items, or components that are added, deleted, or modified.

The Job Cost module is a Manufacturing Software solution that involves the production of non-standard goods and services. The Job Cost Accounting Software solution is where control is done in dollars and cents and is exercised in the comparisons of actual costs and revenues to an estimate or budget.

eManufacturing's integrated with eWholesale is a complete and powerful Inventory Management Software solution that will help you reduce delivery cycles, material cost, and increase efficiency. This Manufacturing Software offers an affordable manufacturing system with the critical functionality you need to manage your business today.