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eCatalog (Catalog Creation Software)

eCatalog is a user friendly tool designed to convert your inventory product list into an electronic catalog. With a product and services catalog. companies can reach all pontential customers, even those who are not part of the Internet surfing community. This Catalog Software creator tool will also make it easier for your customers to purchase your product and services even when they are offline.

Catalogs created with eCatalog do not require any software installation on the customer's machine. It has all the tools for creating, printing, and submitting an Order by email and supports updating product information via the Internet. Orders can be submitted as many times as desired. They can be grouped, received from several departments and consolidated before submission. The Electronic Catalog can be distributed to Customers and can even be shown as a slideshow at presentations and business meetings.

If you have a database of your products in some other application, like accounting systems, MS Excel or MS Access, eCatalog will import the database, so you don't need to transfer the data manually. With this Catalog Software, catalogs can be generated to any popular format, for example, to PDF or HTML.

You don't need to care about layout when printing your Catalog. Even better, you don't even need to print the Catalog. Burn it to CD or DVD and distribute it in electronic form. Your customers will be able to use the CD/DVD much longer than conventional paper catalogs, saving you time and money.

With eCatalog you can:

  • Instantly create Catalogues, Customer Specific Price Sheets, etc.
  • Add non-inventory items to the catalogue
  • View / Add product images
  • Add extended product descriptions
  • Create your own catalogue templates or choose from existing ones
  • Print, email, burn to CD, publish to web

With eCatalog you can also generate a fully functional Online Store. Your customers just browse the catalog, select products that they like and add them to their orders. Finally, the orders are sent via email to you. All necessary data is filled out automatically. Of course, orders can also be printed and sent by post.

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An Electronic Catalog made with eCatalog will let people know about your products and services! It's your Product Catalog at your customers' fingertips!