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eFT (electronic Funds Transfer)

eFT (electronic Funds Transfer), or eft Payments is an Online Payment System used to perform Bank Transfers and other financial transactions electronically. Among them would be Bank Transfer activity, debit card activity, ATM initiated transactions, eChecks. With a few clicks, you can Transfer Funds to anyone easily. Fast, efficient, and highly cost-effective so you can pay employees, suppliers, and government departments in Canada. You will save in bill paying time, postage, paper, envelope stuffing, and courier costs.

eFT (electronic Funds Transfer) is a program that works in conjunction with the eWholesale' Payroll and Accounts Payable Modules and it allows you to electronically process your payables including online and electronically presented bills. When you Transfer Funds this way you can save money by reducing your banking fees, envelope costs, paper cheque costs, courier fees, and postage costs.

With eFT you can perform the following eft Payments and functions:

  • Pay Direct Deposit to your employees
  • Pay vendors and governmental agencies
  • Send all info to the Bank electronically from the system
  • Receive confirmation and reconcile

eFT (electronic Funds Transfer) is an Online Payment System that is:

  • Convenient and Easy to Use
  • Cost Effective & Efficient
  • Accurate & Accountable
  • Reliable & Secure

eFT (electronic Funds Transfer) is designed with access restrictions that provide control and accountability while Processing Payments online. eFT (electronic Funds Transfer) provides an automated, reliable and effective way of getting the necessary information to the Bank, allowing every Bank Transfer to take place without manual intervention, thus reducing errors and increasing speed and convenience.