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eShip for eWholesale (Package Tracking Software)

Integrate Package Shipping effortlessly into your fulfillment process. eShip for eWholesale , is a Package Tracking Software that provides you with the resources to manage your Parcel Shipping process. Whether your needs are basic or complex, eShip for eWholesale allows you to improve shipping accuracy, streamline shipping and reduce business transaction costs. eShip for eWholesale dramatically reduces paperwork and streamlines the way you communicate with customers, suppliers, and courier companies.

Every year, employees ship billions of packages with billions of dollars wasted because they are unable to make informed shipping decisions. More often than not, the Parcel Shipping process begins in the mailroom, where employees search for envelopes, complete address forms by hand and try to decide between shipping options without any knowledge of relative or actual cost. More often than not, it ends with a business manager receiving a bill, with little idea of who shipped what, to whom and at what cost. Not to mention the pre-negotiated contract that goes unfulfilled because the wrong waybills are at the top of the stack. eShip for eWholesale , an electronic Package Tracking Software, lets employees conveniently ship packages right from eWholesale . With access to services from the world's top Package Shipping companies including FedEx and UPS, employees can quickly and easily rate, label and schedule pickups for domestic and international shipments based on specific, comparative costs for delivery options that comply with their corporate shipping policies.

With eShip for eWholesale (electronic Package Tracking Software) you can:

  • Enter Shipping Information
  • Print Shipping labels
  • Obtain and store Courier Tracking Number within eWholesale
  • Print Tracking Number on Packing List / Invoice
Benefits of eShip for eWholesale (electronic Package Tracking Software)
  • Enhanced customer service
  • Real-time shipment information
  • Increased availability of information - anywhere, anytime
  • Lower customer service costs
  • Ability to meet partners' EDI requirements

eShip for eWholesale is a Package Tracking Software that provides access to the shipping companies web services for real-time shipping rates, shipping label generation, tracking and service levels selection. eShip for eWholesale supports FedEx and UPS and it is fully customizable so other shipment companies can be added easily. You can get shipping rates, generate labels and/or track packages from each carrier. eShip for eWholesale supports the shipping carriers various service levels.