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ePOGen (Purchase Order Generator)

ePOGen is a Purchase Order Software and a powerful productivity tool for your staff. Purchase Orders can be a major pain for managers. They add steps to the ordering system and involve more layers of personnel, all of which increases the opportunity for errors and confusion. An Order Management Softwareelectronic like ePOGen is the ideal tool to streamline purchasing. The ePOGen Purchasing Software helps you save time and reduce administrative costs through more effective management of your purchasing process.

This Purchase Order Software makes Inventory Replenishment easy; it reviews all relevant stock and supplier information, so you can generate the required POs automatically. Alternatively, you can automatically generate Purchase Orders from the Sales Order Entry program when customers order non-stock items, or when the quantity of the ordered item is to low to fill the order. You can also specify Drop-Ship information from the Sales Order Entry with just a couple of clicks.

You can automate critical Inventory Replenishment processing and help reduce wasteful activities. ePOGen is a Purchase Order Software that enables the automatic creation of POs based on eWholesale's current, on hand, available, or net required inventory quantities. ePOGen is a complete Purchasing System that provides purchasing personnel with a dashboard to review and modify vendors, parts, quantities, lead times, average monthly sales volume, prices, etc. prior to finalizing the Purchase Order generation. With a click of a button Sales Order Entry staff can expedite sales by immediately generating a Purchase Order requisition. You can review the Purchase Order requisition and then generate the Purchase Order automatically.

The Purchase Order Software would allow you to:

  • Generate POs automatically
  • Review and compare prior purchasing history, average monthly sales, prices, etc for each product
  • Review and modify prices and quantities prior to issue
  • Finalize and submit in Print, Fax or via Email

The Purchase Order Software (ePOGen ) gives you the ability to create, approve and manage your Purchasing Process, and will rapidly become an integral part of your business inventory management process.

ePOGen , a Purchase Order Software, assures consistency throughout your enterprise, thus reducing errors. Our Purchasing Software module is also customizable, so that you can configure each step of the system to meet your specific needs and match your existing workflow. This Order Management Software is designed for seamless integration with eWholesale s other modules.