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Free whitepapers on information needs, accounting and other relevant issues for Wholesale Distributors, Exporters and Importers

Five and Five - The Critical Elements you need from your Information System to manage Import, Export, Distribution and Light Manufacturing Activities

Summary:  (Download the full report here)
The five critical functional elements and the five areas of information management are closely interlinked. For companies with import, export, distribution and light manufacturing activities, your system should have a core of five essential functional elements.

  1. Multi-currency handling
  2. Landed costs (tracking of all incoming costs)
  3. De-landed costs (tracking of all outgoing costs)
  4. On line exception reporting for inventory shortages and excesses
  5. Automatic recalculation of inventory planning factors
And the five major areas of information management are:
  1. Managing the Profitability of Customers and Products
  2. Inventory Management, Measurement and Control
  3. Customer Service Operations
  4. Credit and Collections Management
  5. Management Exception Reporting
You know the trouble spots . . . costly inventory headaches . . . getting a good handle on the real profitability of customers and products . . . an order desk that needs to be more responsive to customers. How can problems like these be solved? By delivering what s in this report. That s where we can help. Our specialty is working with smaller to mid-sized organizations, like yours.

You can download the full report here.    Thank you for your interest in this report