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eRemote (electronic Remote Order Entry Software)

eRemote is an email based online Order Entry Software solution that provides a more cost effective alternative to creating and maintaining your own internet-based web ordering system.

eRemote (Order Entry Software) is an optional component of eWholesale , that enables salesforce automation. Your sales people will easily take orders on laptop computers away from the office. There is no need for a connection to the internet while doing the Order Entry. You can work offline with instant access to up-to-date Detailed Pricing, Inventory, Sales History, and Customer Information while taking the Sales Orders. When a connection to the Internet is available, the Sales Orders can be transferred back via email to eWholesale for processing.

This comprehensive Order Entry Software allows you to obtain new orders for products and instantly review the Customer's Buying History and specific Selling Prices per item per unit-of-measure, while on-site with a customer. At a convenient time, eRemote Sales Orders can be quickly and easily downloaded via email to eWholesale . Authorized personnel can review the Sales Orders and make any needed adjustments. Thereafter, the approved Sales Orders are automatically processed into eWholesale , and the standard routines, such as Picking Slips and Invoice printing, can be run.

eRemote Order Entry Software gives supervisors the ability to renew via return email salesreps access rights and information such as Customer History, Sales Order Delivery Status, Product Availability, Product Promotions, and Pricing.

eRemote also enables Order Entry in real-time at tradeshows eliminating post-show data entry. All of your business policies including customer specific business policies and pricing apply.

Features of eRemote (Order Entry Management) include:
  • Allow Salesreps to enter Orders in the field
  • Ability to quickly and accurately take orders with customer's standard order items automatically inserted into the sales order template
  • Customer pricing by item by unit-of-measure ordered available
  • Rapid downloading of new orders from eRemote to eRemote Server, with no re-keying of data necessary

Salesrep's Database updated with Customer, Product, Security Information, and rights to access data as needed via return email.

eRemote s anywhere, anytime access capabilities allow you to utilize this powerful Online Order Entry Software solution anywhere with or without an internet connection. Order Entry Management with top-notch Customer Service becomes simple. With eRemote you and your salespeople finally have the Order Entry Software tools you need to turn every Data Entry chore into a Sales Opportunity.