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WMS (Warehouse Management System)

WMS is a Warehouse Management System Software that allows you to control the movement and storage of items within your warehouse or warehouses and process the associated transactions including put away, picking, and take away including multi-bin Inventory locations. This inventory software also handles inventory counts and monitors the progress of items through the warehouse.

If your business includes the movement or management of inventory, you need software for inventory management that can handle each turn fast, accurately, and efficiently. Eliminating unnecessary steps and properly tracking the movement of your items through the warehouse can have a major impact on your bottom line. WMS, eWholesale s warehouse management system is ideal for busy distributors and wholesalers. This inventory software, paired with barcode and hand held technology delivers visibility and control to your warehouse.

Magic Information Systems Inc WMS will help you automate your warehouse processes and streamline your business so you can meet the following requirements:

  • Run a warehouse management system (WMS) in paperless mode
  • Reduce the number of errors during order picking and delivery
  • Improve tracking from purchasing to shipping
  • Provide warehouse staff with efficient tools

WMS is a very easy to use and implement warehouse management software that was designed to deal with a comprehensive set of warehouse and inventory management requirements from purchasing, to receiving, and shipping through multiple warehouses and locations. Warehouse, location, and status information tracked by WMS provides a multitude of detailed information that allows management to make efficient and effective decisions.

Once WMS has been implemented, warehouse operations will enjoy smarter and more efficient movement of goods within warehouses and locations.

This inventory tracking system can be seamlessly integrated with eWholesale, Magic Information Systems Inc. Sales, Purchases, and financial software to form a very powerful business solutions tool.