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Purchase Options

Our products are very competitively priced. It is not unusual for us to be initially questioned on our capabilities because our price tag does not seem to be high enough! We recognize that the majority of Wholesale Distributors are small and medium size companies and it is their needs that we cater to.
Since we offer very affordable solutions most of our customers prefer outright purchase of the products. However, some like to explore other purchase options, such as Leasing and Rental.

For companies that do not want or are unable to commit any money to purchasing software we have an option as well � Accountware. This DOS product has most of the functionality of eWholesale, but is provided at $0 cost. Therefore, the only cost to consider is services, which is about the same as it is for eWholesale.

This can also be a great "try before you buy" option. If you like the products functionality you can always add eWholesale later without loosing or needing to convert the data you already entered. The 2 products work off of the same Database simultaneously.

Please discuss your budget with our sales people and they will help tailor a purchase plan that fits it.