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Get a grip on real costs and profits

Small and midsize businesses, particularly wholesale distributors, importers and exporters have to constantly cope with global competition, constantly changing customer requirements and downturns in local and global economic conditions. eWholesale� helps you meet these market pressures by having better control over different aspects of purchasing, sales, and distribution, from order entry and procurement to accurate inventory control and shipment management. We can help you control costs while providing great service by managing inventory, orders, and shipments more efficiently. In essence, this means more streamlined operations and shorter turnaround times, thus ensuring greater efficiency and better customer service. Success in business depends on profitability. eWholesale� covers the entire process end-to end, with no more guessing.

eWholesale� stands alone in its ability to track �true� selling margins for each order and item sold. This ability is built in based on close attention to the three fundamental pre-requisites, multi-currency, landed costing and FIFO (first-in-first-out) costing. With cost fluctuations and volatility being the operating norm, true margin analysis is essential to maintaining selling margins.

Automatic �Landed & De-landed� Cost Processing
Incoming & Outgoing cost monitoring & control - A user-definable table is set up to establish the �cost� components and then linked to General Ledger accounts, where the actual as well as any differences between actual and estimated amounts are reflected. In turn, a template is created from the table, and a matching code is stored in the inventory, vendor and/or customer master files.
During receipt of goods, the template is displayed to confirm and record the estimated amounts. If more accurate figures are available, they can be inserted at that time. The inventory costs are recorded in the home currency, while the Accounts Payable is recorded in the appropriate foreign currency, jointly reflecting all the related �landed cost� components. Likewise, the �de-landed cost� feature captures all the outgoing (distribution) costs incurred from sales but not shown on the invoice. Both of these primary system features provide accurate bottom-line figures.

Profitability Management
Comparative Sales and Purchase History Reports convert foreign denominated invoices into home currency, incorporating accurate �landed costs� and related �delanded costs�, to produce meaningful profitability reports. This is achieved as a byproduct of the eWholesale� data capture and processing functions. You can also track sales histories to identify top customers, and monitor sales efforts to help keep sales and marketing efforts on target. Better access to customer data can also help you create add-on sales, earn repeat business, and focus on the revenue-building efforts that can bring the greatest return.

The system handles online tracking and flagging of total credit exposure. During sales order or invoice entry, customer-specific credit limits are compared to any new total amounts. eWholesale� continuously monitors delinquency against credit limits, to ensure that there are no future concerns with collections. This ensures your working capital requirements do not increase because of this which otherwise can be a drag on profits.

eWholesale� works in concert with one of the industry standard report writers, Crystal Reports�. Using Crystal, you can practically design any report to fit your needs, from extensive detailed reports to critical summary reports reflecting all major areas of the business, thus helping you manage it and your profits better.

For a more exhaustive analysis, please download our free Whitepaper �Five and Five� - The Critical Elements You Need from your Information System to manage Import, Export, Distribution and Light Manufacturing Activities.